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Blaux Portable AC G2

Blaux Portable AC Gen 2


Blaux Portable AC G2

Blaux Portable AC Gen 2

Blaux Portable AC G2

  • Powerful air cooling wherever you need it
  • Low-power design saves big money on your electric bill
  • 3 fan speeds with adjustable louver to direct airflow
  • Built-in illumination feature makes a great nightlight

Blaux Portable AC
Gen 2



Blaux Portable AC Gen 2 comes with a type-C charging cable that allows you to stay cool wherever you are. Take it from room to room or with you on your next road trip.


Three fan speeds and a variable louver ensure you can optimize your personal cooling preferences.


The unit’s top-filling water reservoir was designed to make your life cooler and easier.

Have Extra Water Curtains
on Hand to Keep the Air
from Drying You Out

Takes Seconds to Install, No Tools Necessary!

  • Pre-soak in water for instant cooling
  • Keeps the air moist, benefitting your dry skin and
    helping with sinus congestion
  • Long lasting – Can last up to 8 months!



You know the one we’re talking about. The feeling of being trapped under a mountain of blankets that just came out of the dryer.

Blaux Portable AC Gen 2 is the easiest, fastest way to deal with excess heat and dry summer air. It puts you in control of your conditions, regardless if you’re working, playing or relaxing.

  • Unlike traditional fans and AC units, Blaux Portable AC Gen 2adds moisture to the air to prevent your skin, eyes, and nasal passages from drying out.

  • Blaux Portable AC Gen 2’s water curtain brings you even colder air than ever before by using the power of evaporative cooling.

  • Using Blaux Portable AC Gen 2 at night? Click on the mood light feature to ensure you can see where you're going!

How to use Blaux Portable AC Gen 2


  • 01

    Add water. Simply pour it directly
    into the top of the unit.

  • 02

    Insert the replaceable water
    curtain. Each one lasts
    approximately 6-8 months.

  • 03

    Turn it on. You won’t have to wait
    long for refreshing relief.



Blaux Portable AC Gen 2 Customers

  • Daisy S. – Verified Buyer

    Star Star Star Star StarHalf

    I have one air conditioned room in my house but I’m often running around, chasing the kids, and spending time in different rooms. I love how it’s so portable and easy to use. Plus, it saved me from having to buy huge, expensive AC units that took up so much space.

  • Dennis W. – Verified Buyer

    Star Star Star Star StarHalf

    My house has 2 floors and a bunch of rooms, and not to mention people! AC is pretty much a no-go cause of cost but having a few Blaux (like 1 per person) is amazing since everyone can keep cool no matter where they are at a fraction of the cost!

  • Ian V. – Verified Buyer

    Star Star Star Star StarHalf

    I live in a really hot city in the south and the summer heatwaves seem to last FOREVER. Luckily, my brother showed me Blaux and it really made everything so much more bearable. I could even take it to work with me or pretty much anywhere I guess.

Blaux Portable AC Gen 2

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