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Personal Fan

Blaux Personal Fan


Blaux Personal Fan

Personal Fan

  • High-quality, quiet fan cools you off without
    irritating noise
  • High-potency lithium battery lasts all day on a
    single charge
  • Rechargeable via USB Type-C port

What is the Blaux Personal Fan?


The Blaux Personal Fan is a comfortable, stylish personal fan unit. It features three fan speeds
and a battery life of up to 18 hours, ensuring you keep cool all day long.

  1. Fan Outlet
  2. Removable Fan Intake Vents
  3. 5° Flex Fit Spring-loaded joints fit different neck sizes
  4. Type-C Charging Port
  5. Light-Up Power Button

Keep your filters fresh for continuous clean air that goes where you go

To use with Blaux Personal Fan

  • Nano-Silver ion coated filters helps sterilize the
    air that passes through
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Long-lasting! Replace only after 30 days of
    continuous use



  • 5° Flex fit comfortably wraps around necks of any size

  • Three fan speeds allow for full customization and last up to 18 hours on a single charge



  • 01

    Wrap the Blaux Personal Fan
    comfortably around your neck.

  • 02

    Adjust the fan positioning by
    turning the vents to your liking..

  • 03

    Use the button on the side to easily
    change the fan speed. Enjoy!



Blaux Personal Fan Customers

  • Simon M. – Verified Buyer

    Star Star Star Star StarHalf

    I moved south from Canada where I was used to mild summers and cool winters. I have air conditioning at home for the hot summers in Texas but when I go out for walks, I just can’t stop sweating. But with Blaux, the powerful but quiet fans are like having my own air-conditioned bubble. Now I noticed that I’m never as uncomfortable as I used to be when I first moved here.

  • Terry G. – Verified Buyer

    Star Star Star Star StarHalf

    I work administration in a sign-making shop. The ventilation in the office isn’t great. I love having my Blaux Personal Fan with me whenever I’m there. It makes my personal space much more pleasant. It helps me get through the day.

  • Jessy V. – Verified Buyer

    Star Star Star Star StarHalf

    I live near an industrial area so I’m sure the factories are pumping out a bunch of stuff I shouldn’t be breathing in. Even when I’m going out for a walk I get scared because I don’t know what I could possibly be breathing in. But with Blaux, I am a lot less worried to enjoy getting exercise. Plus I’ve lost a lot of weight!

Blaux Personal Fan

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