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BLAUX Diatomite Bath Mat

Upgrade your Bathroom with the Ultimate Ultra-Absorbent, Non-Slip Bath Mat

Made with all-natural diatomaceous earth
Ultra-Fast Drying
Will not slip or slide
Prevents the growth of mold, bacteria and mildew



Will Not Slip
Unlike traditional cloth bath mats, the Blaux Diatomaceous Bat Mat has a safe, non-slip design that ensures it stays put and never slides.
It’s traction groove embossing provides grip when you step on it, so you’ll never lose your balance
Ultra-Fast Water Absorption
The Blaux Diatomite Bath Mat’s porous surface has millions of microscopic holes that quickly absorb moisture. No more annoying puddles on the floor.
Step on it with your wet feet and watch your footprints disappear almost instantly!
Made From All-Natural Diatomaceous Earth
Diatomaceous earth is a powdery-white substance formed from the fossilized remains of sea creatures that occurs in nature. Its ultra-porous surface absorbs water rapidly, as well as preventing mold and germs from forming.
Millions of microscopic absorption points instantly soak up water
All Natural
Made from fossilized diatoms with no harmful chemicals or preservatives
Bacteria Free
Quick-drying diatomaceous earth restricts bacteria growth
Easy To Maintain
No washing machine needed. Just lightly sand any stains away
Blaux Diatomite Bath Mat Customers
Rebecca Y.
Dallas, TX
“I’ve been using this for a few weeks and it’s revolutionized my experience with bath mats. Absorbs water fast and it looks fantastic with my bathroom decor. I would recommend this to anyone. So far I’m impressed!”
Billy J.
Boston, MA
“I was a bit skeptical reading about this. But it’s totally awesome. It absorbs water like a champ. No more soggy rugs that you have to hang up on the shower door. Just buy it already. You won’t regret it.”
Tess M
St. Paul, MN
“This bath mat is a game changer! No more soggy mats that need a wash every few days. This dries like magic and my bathroom always looks neat and tidy now! Incredible.”